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My Magic Mud

Chill Mint™ CBD/Hemp Oil Soothing Toothpaste

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My Magic Mud® Premium Toothpaste infused with CBD Isolate & Hemp Seed Oil soothes and relaxes the mouth, promoting happy gums and teeth. The naturally foaming, proprietary, no-mess silver-charcoal toothpaste contains efficacious amounts of both theobromine and curcumin, which are known to promote oral health. Confidently use this mess-free toothpaste for everyday teeth whitening and polishing.
  • Naturally foams
  • Whitens teeth
  • Nanosilver neutralizes oral acids
  • Provides a dentist like clean
  • Made with Chill Mint™ Elixir
  • Free from THC, Fluoride, SLS, Glycerine

Customer Reviews

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Love this stuff

I am just finishing up my first full tube & my teeth look amazing & whiter & my gums are so healthy. My dentist & surgeon said keep using that toothpaste!!! 🦷