About Us

Hello and Welcome to Today I Am Well Hemp. We are so glad you found us!

We hope you and yours are well during this time of social distancing. We use CBD everday in our household and we know what an important part of our everyday wellness it has become in the last two years. We are happy to be offering our new line of CBD products online to people right now, in these stressful moments.

CBD is a huge trend. But the truth is that right now, the market is the Wild, Wild West out there. As a result, you are not always being told exactly what is in the CBD you buy.

We guarantee our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil. Full Spectrum means the whole plant is used in the extraction so you get the benefit of all the nutrients, including .3% or less of THC.  We have spent the last two years researching CBD products to find the best quality, best tasting, most affordable organic CBD oil. We have now partnered with a small farm in Colorado and are able to offer "small batch" hand crafted CBD oils flavored with essential oils that have their own healing properties.

Honesty and transparency are essential to us personally and professionally. We know exactly where our hemp is grown and the staff who cares for the plants and the people who extract the CBD oil - that matters to us and we know it matters to you. We strive to educate and offer guidance towards positive living in all areas of our lives, so please find us on social media FB & Instagram @todayiamwellhemp. Give our CBD a try, you will be glad you did. Reach out and tell us your CBD story, we are listening.

Be safe. Be well.

Peace, Love, and Wellness

Misty Hillin & Tammy Stanley