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Learning About Arthritis & CBD


In quarantine, we have been reading articles, listening to podcasts and gathering our own data and stories about CBD and Hemp products that are helping our customers and many others around the world.

For some, it is the beginning of a new wellness routine that includes CBD. For others, who have been using CBD/Hemp products and find themselves CBD curious and wanting to know the latest information and research, as we know it.

Learning and understanding more about how we can include CBD/Hemp products into our wellness routines is an exciting journey and we are happy you are joining us. Please reach out and connect with us on social media @todayiamwellhemp FB and IG.

Welcome, to our wellness blog:

Learning About Arthritis & CBD

Recently, we found a great podcast presented by the Arthritis Foundation discussing CBD and arthritis.

The Arthritis Foundation recently asked this question in a survey, and more than 2,600 arthritis patients answered. People with many different types of arthritis responded — the majority of whom have been living with osteoarthritis (52%) or rheumatoid arthritis (45%) for 10 or more years.

Many people with arthritis are using CBD or have used it.

There is no cure for arthritis, but people with arthritis want to take control by managing their symptoms.

  • 79% surveyed are currently using CBD, have used it in the past or are considering using it.
  • 29% report they currently use CBD to manage their arthritis symptoms.
  • Daily use is reported by 63% percent of those currently using CBD and 26% use it several times per week.
  • Of those surveyed, 62% use a liquid form of CBD and 55% use a topical product they apply to their joints.

Podcast "Live YES with Arthritis"
Episode #1
On this episode, we’re talking about CBD for arthritis symptom relief, with special guest Dr. Kevin Boehnke from the Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center at the University of Michigan. Special Guest: Kevin Boehnke, PhD. 
Listen here 


We have customers using TODAY I AM WELL CBD for their arthritis symptoms. The feedback we get is very good, however, the laws prevent us from telling you exactly what the CBD does for their symptoms. Our Recovery Cream with 425mg of CBD + Turmeric is a popular product for achy joints and sore muscles.

Thank you for reading our first blog post. We are already writing new ones! Our next blog will be about pets and CBD. We have many customers who give it to their dogs and now one that is giving it to her horses!

Stay tuned, stay well.